Is freedom god for us ?

If there is a headline to the past half-decade, it’s this: liberal democracy is under threat across the West and populist movements are on the march. There’s Brexit in the UK. There’s Viktor Orbán in Hungary. There’s Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. And in the United States, of course, there’s Donald Trump.

On the East there’s Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un,etc. all respected comrades of their authoritarian governments.

So today: a debate. Should we be fighting to preserve liberalism, the system that prizes our individual rights and the very foundation upon Europe was build either to sacrifice idea of freedom and to be whatsoever just some unknown number in some Eastern type of totalitarian system.

Is Freedom god for us? If it is not, why should majority decide for minority…?
Vice/ versus who is actually majority which decides about our future, how could they be rulers and lawmakers? Where is the consciousness that we are living in XXI century, that society is evolutionary from XIX century progressed from traditionalist values to much more moderate values but still ethical values.

It seems to me that world is reshaping but in wrong directions, yes each country would like to keep her sovereignty, however each individual also want to keep his own freedom according with social contract. Never forgot who you are and think about you’re individual human right’s, your own authentic personality, own striving and real truthful honesty’s. But try to respect diversities in society and accept it as it is.

The sacrifice of freedom is not worth anything in this world. Respect another’s and you will be respected equally…Europe is builid up on this values; not of values of Estern totalitarian societies. In core politics and politicians are corrupted but still this old system order of values exist on the West. Even less you could move to China or Russia if you prefer old system of values. The question is could you adjust to such way of living?

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