Marcus Aurelius (124 – 180)

There have been many great man and woman throughout history, but of those who have been involved in affairs of state, or or businesses, people whose name was attached fame and status. Marcus Aurelius is almost unique.

As Emperor of the Rome from 161 to 180, the sole object of his government, according to historian Gibbon, was the happiness of its people. No doubt that Roman slave might not agreed with Gibbon, but even of this happiness applied only to freeman in Rome , it remains as exceptional period in the record of leadership and power.

Plato maintained that the best possible heads of government are philosophers , and Aristotle argued that peoples fro whom philosophers are legislate are always prosperous. The Roman Empire was lucky and wise enough to have a such a a man, on the power .

As Emperor of the Rome, Marcus Aurelius, was the most powerful man in the world. Yet this persona and professional life was dominated by desire for virtue, justice and peace, not fame, possessions, power or gold.

The times of M.A. are considered as Golden age for the Roman Empire, but they wasn’t a peaceful one. Constantly besieged on the its Asian borders by ’barbarian’ tribes, he ruled over the an Empire at war.

Marcus Aurelius detested war as degradation of human nature, he was forced to spend eight winter campaigns in the field, witnessing the death and degradation of men an the war.

However he writes under this horrible circumstance’s :

Gaze in wonder at the ever circling stars, as if you were floating amongst them; and consider the alternations of the elements, constantly changing on into another. Thinking such thoughts you wash away the dust of life on the earth.

From the time of his death util the invention of the printings the writing has been kept alive by philosophers and medieval scholars. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius was printed in 1558 and has been in constant use ever since.

Marcus was writings as a man, and so on as Emperor, he wrote about his own fears, emotions, his sense of the evanescences of life, of despair at actions of his fellow men and women.

‘’ What Is the Right What to Live?

Remember that even if you were to live for three thousands years, or thirty thousand, you could not lose any other life than-one you have , and there will be no other life after it. So the longest and the shortest lives are the same.

For this present moment is shared by all living creatures, but the time is gone for the ever. No one can lose the past or the future, for if they don’t belong to you, how they be taken from you.

Keep in mind these two tings: first, since the beginning of the time the cycles of creation have shown same recurring patterns, so it make no difference if you life for 100 years, 200 years or for ever. Second that the person who lives the longer life and the one who lives the shortest life lose exactly the same thing.

For the present moment is the only thing you can take from anyone, since this is all they really own. No one can lose what they did not own.

Marcus Aurelius…

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