Summertime 🌞

Being in the Zlatar, mountainside southwestern Serbia enjoying two weeks in beautiful nature, deep woods and nice view world reality suddenly despaired. All my fears and nightmares are gone looking in the clouds and hills, lakes and fragrance of Linden’s tree which is like sound of Balkan. Hiking each day on different trails I discover how it looks to be free like bird. Sound of wind, rain, clear ear, smell of animals and their kind of peaceful  unconsciousness immerse, innocent bees, mountain flowers, which makes nature magnificent. Far away from artificial world created by people and their evil minds gave me sense of security and mental equilibrium. I just avoid to listen news, use the MSN media, trying to  keep all this beauty in my mind for the strength into following month’s. That’s was precious gift after the beginning of the February war in Ukraine. Because people of Serbia knows how it looks, now much is difficult just to survive and that new challenge for everyone is on the horizon.

I rented apartment by family which is mention in title of this post so called “Tribe”, wealthy, powerful family with lots  of members. It seems to me that four generations are living over there however I never be sure who is who in their big mansion.People are very friendly, hospitality is great, care and generosity always prepared to help others! Observing family during the afternoons, evening’s , how did they are focused on the children which are absolute rulers in their life. The family patriarch use the carry children, play around in toy car but also use to take kid in big car and drive around. What was interesting for me is all this warm family gathering on evening supper coming and going but always some kind of activity. When they work all day laying tiles, digging the trenches, cutting the wood, mowing the grass, then women would prepare finest meal. Every member has his own chore as they told me:” From small kid till the oldest oldest member of the family”. Family owns big property in that local region of the walleye.They are also owners of sawmill, also they are running home building business,  having lot of equipment, tractors their own horses, cattle, farmland, their own vegetables, goats, chickens, two big watch dogs. But sure I don’t know , personally how much did they are wealthy but my point is that they would be safer this coming winter. As hard workers and unified family with high status in community they are living old style of life in Serbia typical for XIX century. Beyond the influence of modernity, expensive tools, cars, internet, spacious apartment inside the mansion for each branch of family they are keeping respect for traditional values, hierarchy everybody knowing his own role. I use to call the owner of all the property Macho men, because he come up to told me that he is boss like Godfather.

Beyond that they appears strong as rock, stabile and safe worries are coming coming like small drops of rain from uncertain sky’s as the world order changes brining new sharp winds. War bings sleepless nights for the women wild the man grapple with raising prices and slopping  business. Inflation spears no one even in bucolic  mountains of Serbia. On first sight they have everything, food, heating, ruff above the head, but appearance  is illusion because no one is immune to something what we couldn’t control either to have some influence. Once up on the time this region of Serbia, so called Raška area, on Turkish Sandzak, experienced times of hardships so new rumbling can be heard on the tops of the mountain so Hodzina rock. People are saying nothing, faces expressing lot of but silence silence speaks for her self.


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